Value World Coupon

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Value World Coupon


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value world coupon

LEGO Store Calendar AUGUST 2012

LEGO Store Calendar AUGUST 2012
Summer themed month!
*Important to note there are TWO Mini Model builds…one for the MMMB and one a Summer-themed mini model plus TWO Club Meetings!

– August 1st – 10th…celebrating Lego’s 80th Anniversary, if you spend $50 you get a FREE exclusive Lego Birthday Cake!
– August 1st – 31st get 50% off either the Super Soarer kit or the Blue Roadster kit with any $75 Creator set purchase.

– August 4 and 5th…BRICKFAIR! Lego Fan Festival in Chantilly, VA. Check out for all the info on the convention.

– August 1st – 31st August’s Limited Edition PAB model, The Surfer (no…not the Silver Surfer from Marvel, which would’ve been cool)! You get the surfer figure and surfboard that comes in a small Pick-A-Brick Cup ($7.99). Don’t forget to ask for the printed instructions (sometimes they forget at the registar) or find them online.

– August 7th… FREE Monthly Mini Model Build (MMMB). This month…a Shark! The build starts at 5pm till 7pm and each kid (ages 6 – 12) gets to learn how to build one and take home the model with parts inventory card. Limited to 150 – 250 models.

– August 10th LEGO’s 80th Birthday!!! No mention of anything special for this day…but check with your store just in case they might have a give-a-way of some kind. You never know.

– August 18th, LEGO Kid’s Club Meeting, CITY MINING themed! Kid’s will build a mining vehicle so the miners can mine for gold faster than their normal vehicles! Registration is the standard $25…or $20 for VIP members. Kid’s receive an exclusive Lego City Mining t-shirt (not sold in stores), stickers, a $5 coupon and at times can take home the model they built at the meeting. Ages 6 – 14 (limited space…check with your local store).

– August 22nd Summer Model Build. Just like the regular MMMB, kid’s will learn how to build a summer themed model. This build is only limited to 100 mini-models. Word on the street is that each store will have a different model (maybe a sailboat, a lobster, a watermelon slice, Adirondack chair, lighthouse, etc.). Not sure which store gets what. Event begins at 5pm (ages 6 – 12)…while supplies last.

– SECOND Lego Club Meeting…FRIENDS! August 25th come on down for a Friends themed Club Meeting! The kid’s will build a beach house for the Lego Friends’ beach vacation. Registration is the standard $25…or $20 for VIP members. Kid’s receive an exclusive Lego Friends t-shirt (not sold in stores), stickers, a $5 coupon and at times can take home the model they built at the meeting. Ages 6 – 14 (limited space…check with your local store). Not just for girls…boys can participate too.

– WIN the ultimate VIP LEGOLAND Experience! Pretty sweet deal…become a registered LEGO VIP for your chance to win an exclusive, behind the scenes trip for a family of 4 to ANY Legoland Park in the world (flights and accommodations included…a $4,400 value). Sign up to register BEFORE AUGUST 31st for a chace to win. IMPORTANT…if you’re already a VIP member you don’t need to do anything as you’re already entered! Note also there’s one Grand Prize BUT 10 runners up receive 1000 bonus VIP points. Not bad!. Must be 18 and older to register.

Aug. 31st – September 1st…LEGO KidsFest in Austin, TX. Check for all the info.

For New Yorkers or people visiting the NYC area if you spend $75 or more at a New York or New Jersey Lego Store you’ll get a Free Child’s Admission ticket to the Bronx Zoo’s Wild Forest: A LEGO Safari. Special Lego models and sculptures I believe by Master Builder Sean Kenney will be on display throughout the park. Plus there will be areas for mini builds the kids can participate and take home. It’s from July 7th til September 3rd.

Also don’t forget to scan the QR with your smartphone to stay up to date with the LEGO Store!!!

"No Cash Value" ring

"No Cash Value" ring
As it looks like… I can picture a world where food and services will be given for coupons.. Maybe jewellery too? A rationed jewellery market!

Ring made out of a fun park token.